Barbers & Kings, Stylists & Queens reading program for youth in Statesville



Statesville PD’s Violent Crime Unit reached out to local barbers and stylists earlier this year with an idea for a reading incentive program for young people in Statesville. The idea was well received and “Barbers & Kings and Stylists & Queens” was born.

The program will encourage reading by offering the incentive of discounted or free haircuts at participating locations. Kids and Teens ages 5-17 will be able to visit a participating location and receive a discounted haircut in exchange for reading out loud to the barber or stylist for at least 15 minutes.

Statesville PD and the VCU would like to send a huge THANK YOU! to the Iredell County Public Library and Heather Gessler for graciously donating books to help get the program up and running. Also, a big shout out and THANK YOU to the participating locations! J Skrap Head Hunters Barber Shop (S Center St), Vision of Beauty (S Center St), Unique Impressions Beauty Salon (S Center St), Xavier’s Barber Styling (Shelton Ave), Jfeims Barbershop (Monroe St), Brickhouse Styles Salon (Shelton Ave).

Please contact the participating businesses ahead of time for information on days, times & specifics and to make an appointment (discount/details vary by location).

If you are interested in offering the new reading incentive community outreach program or assisting with book/shelf donations or graphics/signs services, please contact the Violent Crime Unit at 704-878-3535.

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Author: Niakeya James