WSIC NEWS By Mark Sanger

Are you getting the entire story pertaining our elections? There appears to be an attempt to keep the American Public in the dark about the hundreds and possibly thousands of election & voting complaints.   IS YOUR VOTE BEING COUNTED?   ARE YOU BEING DISENFRANCHISED BY NOT HAVING YOUR VOTE COUNTED FOR THE PERSON YOUR INTENDED TO VOTE FOR?

Find that hard to believe?

Do a search for “election fraud” what does your search show you? How about this result:
another unsupported fraud claim

Or this one?
no evidence for fraud
Do a search for the “topic” of each of these stories and see what they show you, if anything, related to the election “fraud.”
Post any kind of election story to your facebook that questions the “declared outcome” and they will “Flag” your post or will blatantly restrict it because you do not have the “content rights”.
Try it, have some fun! search for “election machine fraud Dominion” or see if you can find the website showing the Clinton Foundation supported Dominion software (it is on the Clinton Foundation website).

NOTICE the consistent messaging on “someone being elected”, “transition team”, “Office of the President Elect”… Pure and simple, this is what we call optics, marketing, snake oil and false claims….
Just in case you have not heard, THE ELECTION IS NOT DECIDED YET. The Office of the President-elect might be a room where he meets people and has a phone, but there is NO federal law that establishes an OFFICE called by this name… there is not an “official position” until the electors cast their votes in December.

NOT OVER AND VOTES ARE STILL BEING COUNTED. If you know of any election fraud, improper happenings, illegal activity or any irregularities, please call: North Carolina State House GOP lawyers…. call them at 984-246-2166 that is 984.246.2166

How to decipher the news:
1. Consider the source and are there multiple sources, some breaking news may only have one source, but eventually news spreads.
2. What is the date on the story, is it current or from long ago?
3. What is the history of the writer, search the writer and see if they are leaning far left or right, have they been involved with scandal before, example: The DOJ’s Pilgar’s resignation story, Pilgar was part of the Lois Lerner IRS fraud on 501C3 organizations, so you can see that Pilgar should not be working at the DOJ anyway. Why was he even still there?
4. Follow the stories from the source to the sub-source or sources… or notice the amazing lack of sources. If it is court information pertaining the Supreme Court, go to their website and see for yourself here: SupremeCourtPennsylvaniaOrder
5. Call, text and speak with your friends outside of your area, outside of your state. What are they hearing? If they only tell you that someone has already won, you should pause and ask, when did they certify the votes in all the states, is it December already? They have NOT. No one has won anything yet.
6. Notice the “tone” and disposition of the person denying the censorship. Are they over the top crazy mad? Have they lost rationale thoughts and discernment?
7. Consider the arguments of each side of the question. Does the affirmative or negative of what you believe have a valid argument, do they have a legal argument, any proof or witnesses? (There are hundreds of voter affidavits on the voting issues)
Here is the definition of an affidavit by Retired Rod Rosenstein… so it would appear that people’s affidavits are serious, right?

      1. affidavitRodRosenstein_definition - affidavitRodRosenstein_definition

8. Ask yourself and other people this question: “If what you believed about the outcome of the election, is wrong, incorrect or lacking information would you want someone to help you see the full picture?” People that are censoring you do NOT want you to know there are opposing views…. they use the fallacy of “herd mentality”, “everyone believes it” “no one has any credible fraud”, etc… etc… etc… etc…
9. When you discover and realize that you are having your news censored, think about it, they are intentionally keeping you from all the information available. They are manipulating you, they are deceiving you by NOT giving you all the information. You should realize that you are being hook-winked, you are having your life stolen from you, you are having your culture destroyed because you are not making decisions based on all of the data.
There is a great book to help you know if you are falling for “fake news” or if the arguments and ideas of people are NOT solid and are NOT fair or valid…. are they just trying to get you to go along or are you a truly free thinker?
There are plenty of intellectual folks that have NOT “called” the election, because they know that the ballots are still being counted!!

Here are several stories you “MOST LIKELY” have been blocked from seeing:

Antrim County Michigan software problem: software-update/6194745002/

SupremeCourtPennsylvaniaOrder video-goes-viral/

Even the US Supreme Court is noticing the biased slant of our culture

There are plenty more stories and news outlets getting involved to expose the greatest fraud attempt in US history!
Stay tuned and join us on facebook and share, post and tell your stories and report them to the GOP so we can be certain they are documented and prosecuted.

North Carolina State House GOP lawyers….
call them at 984-246-2166 that is 948.246.2166

Author: Mark Sanger