An Officer Who Started His Law Enforcement Career in Lincoln County Has Been Promoted to the Rank of Major in the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office


June 29, 2020

Lincolnton, NC – An officer who started his law enforcement career at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office has been promoted to the rank of major.

Matthew Lykins received his promotion from Lincoln County Sheriff Bill Beam today.(June 29, 2020) Sheriff Beam said, “It is with great pride I announce the promotion of Captain Matt Lykins to the rank of Major. Matt has worked very hard to inspire our employees to be the best at all things.”

Major Lykins began his career at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in November 2004 as a patrol deputy. He served as Field Training Officer from August 2006 until January 2011. He entered the Criminal Investigation Division in January 2011 and moved through the ranks to Lieutenant of CID in June 2016. Sheriff Beam appointed Lykins to a Captain’s position in January 2019 and to the rank of Major on June 29, 2020.