After spending 17 years underground billions of cicadas will soon swarm North Carolina


Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse, one of the largest broods of giant cicadas is about to emerge from the ground after their 17-year-slumber. According to, the 17-year periodical cicada Brood IX will emerge in 2020 across North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia in truly astounding numbers.

It’s now estimated that over 1 million creatures per acre will being to swarm our states beginning in late May and Early June (meaning Brood IX’s total numbers will likely reach several billion).

The flying insects spend most of their lives underground, in an immature “nymph” state, hibernating and slowly nibbling at plant roots with soil temperature and year synchronizing their transition to a ready-to-emerge mature cicada, ready to emerge, breed and lay eggs.

Once they hatch, they will flood the airwaves with a hideously loud drone chirping sound that they use to find mates, after mating and laying their eggs, they will die withing a couple weeks.