Alexander student fills shoeboxes with essentials for the homeless


Pictured above: Jaycey Deal presents shoeboxes containing items for the homeless to the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office – Submitted photo


The Alexander County Sheriff’s Office recently received shoeboxes containing basic hygiene supplies for the homeless in our area. These shoeboxes were put together by Jaycey Deal who is beginning her junior year at Alexander Early College. Jaycey told Sheriff Bowman that the inspiration for the boxes came to her as she pondered on how she could spread some happiness in her community. She said that having basic needs such as a toothbrush, soap, and deodorant available to her were things she, and others, likely took for granted but others in the community who might be less fortunate might not have. That sparked the idea to begin collecting supplies for the care packages. After donations of money and items came pouring in from her fellow students and Sunday School classmates Jaycey had the supplies she need to make her idea into a reality. The completed shoeboxes were recently delivered to the Sheriff’s Office so that officers would have them on hand to distribute to those in need. Often times in law enforcement officer’s encounter people in some at some of the lowest points in their life. Knowing how far a little encouragement and a kind act can go to brighten another’s day, Sheriff Bowman was pleased to accept the shoeboxes and looks forward to being able to help distribute them for Jaycey.

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