My guest for Thursday July 25th 8:00am is Iredell-Statesville Schools Bible Association


Iredell Statesville Schools Bible Association 

“Keeping the Bible in your public schools”

What does this make you think?  

How does the Bible Association do that?

A moment of silence…. prayer…. ?? 

Did you even know there is an Iredell-Statesville Schools Bible Association?

Bible History is a class high school students may sign up for to give a deeper understanding of scriptures and the relationships of scripture to our lives and the world today. Students will learn the skills needed to use the Bible in research and application in society today.

I am interested to learn the history of this association and how churches and communities can be a part as well.  Joining me to share information will be one of the original founders of the program, Dr. Bentley, current President Mr. Jim Staples, Brian Goodwin, West Iredell High School teacher, Darrin Whitener, North Iredell High School teacher, and Chris Auld, Lake Norman High School teacher. A few thoughts come to mind as I prepare for the show tomorrow morning, such as:  are the students that take the Bible History class usually students who know the Bible well or have never opened it? Can this class reinforce values for teens as they move forward through the high school years? How are the teachers of Bible History able to embrace all religions and have they met opposition to their teachings? Can any student sign up for the Bible History Class?  We will talk about these questions and many more!  Please join me and Patrick Reynolds as we learn more about the Iredell Statesville Schools Bible Association

Listen Thursday July 25th 8:00am 

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