Iredell-Statesville Schools Bible Association talks 25 year history


Pictured Above: Brian Goodwin, Brady Johnson, Jim Staples, Dr. Ralph Bentley, Melissa Neader, Patrick Reynolds, Darrin Whitener, and Chris Auld

I enjoyed having the Iredell-Statesville Schools Bible Association on my show, Why Should I Caretoday.  We started the show with Brady Johnson, I-SS Superintendent, sharing his thoughts with us about the Association which was created over 25 years ago by a group of citizens that were interested in having a Bible study class as an option for high school students.

This Bible Association was the 2nd in the state to be established and currently  all 5 Iredell-Statesville High Schools offer Bible History classes. It is an honors course that students receive credit for upon passing.  There are 4 Bible History Classes that can be taken in order. I found it very interesting that Bible History is funded separately.

Dr. Ralph Bentley, a founding member, shared that Bible History is funded by generous people, but in order for these classes to be available for students, funding and support must continue. Jim Staples, President of the association, talked about the number of church members and community members involved in the Bible association has dropped over the years and Jim has optimistic hopes of rising interest.

I believe according to the enrollment numbers for these classes the student interest is there! Brian Goodwin, teacher at West Iredell High School, Darrin Whitener, teacher at North Iredell High School, Chris Auld, teacher at Lake Norman High School shared that for some students this was the first time they had ever opened a Bible but for others students, they continued on to become Pastors or ministers in their churches.

Please listen to this show to learn more! If you are interested in contacting the Bible Association, please call Jim Staples at (704) 872-7671 or e-mail any of the listed teachers.  Their e-mail addresses can be found on the high schools’ website staff list.

Iredell-Statesville Schools Bible Association has its 25th Anniversary Banquet on October 17th, 2019.  Please reach out to Jim to learn more: (704) 872-7671.



Author: Melissa Neader