The Living Church of Our Lord

The Living Church of Our Lord

Saturday, 10:30 a.m. with Pastor Parson

Apostle Ronnie and Lady Rubina Parson are residents of Concord, NC, and have been married for nineteen years.

“Pastor P”

Pastor Parson was born in Wadesboro, NC, the seventh of nine siblings. In 1981 while working as an engineer for Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey he was baptized in Jesus’ name and received the Holy Spirit while attending the Islen Community Church, Islen New Jersey. While serving under Pastor Arthur Jenkins at the Community Church, he was divinely called into the ministry by God.

Dr. Parson holds a Doctorate in marriage and family counseling, and a Masters of Theology & Arts in Christian Counseling, both from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Also, he holds a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies (Lee University) and an Associate’s in Electrical Engineering Technology. Recently, he served as professor of Pastoral Counseling and Theology at WLBC College, Columbia, SC. He has also taught courses in Homiletics, and Biblical Studies. At the 95h Convocation, he was appointed to serve as head of the Counseling Department for the Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ of The Apostolic Faith Inc.

Dr. Parson has served in the pastoral ministry for over twenty-nine years and is presently the senior pastor of The Living Church Ministries (TLC) and Diocesan Bishop of the Metrolina Dioceses, North Carolina.

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“Lady P”

Lady Rubina Parson was born in Paterson, NJ, and is presently a resident of Charlotte, NC. In 1973 she was baptized in Jesus’ Name and Received the Holy Spirit, at the Greater Bethel Church, Paterson, NJ. She served as Youth Leader, Sunday School Teacher, and Choir Member.

Lady Rubina holds a Masters of Theology & Arts in Christian Counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Also, she holds a Bachelor in Social Work from Rutgers University.

Presently, First Lady Rubina serves as the Diocesan Mother of the Metrolina Diocese of North Carolina, President and advisor of The Living Church Ministries Women Auxiliaries, Advisor and Counselor to the Women, Teacher, and facilitator for various groups. She is also the Executive Administrator of The Living Learning Center Inc.

She serves in various capacities in the Parent church body, The Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ. From 1998-2004 she served as the adjutant for the International Missionary President. Presently she is the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ’s Chief Adjutant to the Women, serving all women Leader and Leader’s wives, Supervise International and State Adjutant (women), assuring that services are provided at all International Meetings and Memorial Services. Recently she served as a vice-president of the Minister and Deacon Wives support group (MDWG). Also, she has assisted various auxiliaries as official photographer and audio video duplication specialists.

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