Teacher Talk with Dr. Lisa Mozer is a positive pedagogy made public and made possible by public contributions to the UpWind Project Inc. UpWind is a not-for-profit media group that supports collaborative advocacy for teacher wellness and higher learning outcomes in STEM education. The topic discussions are informative for all educational communities and concerned individuals. Your comments and what you share are invaluable, truly make the show, and we are excited to hear your input!

Lisa’s family roots go way back in Statesville. She was educated at Rowan University and Kennesaw State University.  Lisa is experienced within the educational system and has a deep understanding of the politics that often sabotage initiative. Listeners may not always agree on politics, but everyone values education. Good teachers are super heroes and this is to say to all good teachers thank you for your service! We hope you will join in on meaningful conversations on Mondays at 6:30 pm with TeacherTalk on WSIC. 
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