Statesville’s 1st Rx Pharmacies under new ownership, grills to remain open


Pictured above: Melinda and John Childress – WSIC Photo

STATESVILLE, N.C. (WSIC NEWS) – Statesville’s 1st Rx Pharmacies have new owners.

Longtime local business owner Larry Marlin recently sold to John and Melinda Childress. While pharmacy services will now be under their Banner Drug brand, they plan to keep this institution a local one. Melinda says she remembers stories from her dad about the business.

“It’s been fun to listen to everyone that has talked about the grills and, ‘are you keeping the grills, are they staying?’ By all means, the grills will be open.”

Melinda has known Larry Marlin for years.

“They’re going to continue to get the same service. The staff is still the same. We haven’t changed anything with that. I’m sure you’ll still see Larry coming in and out.”

While they plan to keep the 1st Rx Grills, they hope to give each its own name and expand offerings to pharmacy customers.

“Things that she (Melinda) can add, especially from a pharmacy side, are things like flue shots and being able to provide different types of immunizations to customers,” says John Childress. “It is a continuation of that customer experience that Larry has provided but adding on to it.”

John and Melinda were both born in Statesville and say they’re committed to the community as the new owners of 1st Rx.