Statesville proposing 14% property tax rate increase



Statesville City Council received the proposed 2018-2019 budget at Monday night’s City Council meeting. Highlights include a 6.5-cent tax increase, a 3% increase in water rates; a 3.5% increase in sewer rates; no increase in electric rates; maintains the solid waste fee.

This increase will put the tax rate at $.525. According to the budget message, the increase will: (1) continue funding city operations at Council desired levels based on board action, with modest operating cost increases, and (2) continue the reduce the reliance on the use of fund balance for operating expenses going forward.

Included in the budget message is a list of items Council has approved during the past year, including salary increases and new vehicles. The budget also includes funding for a community outreach program in South Statesville.

The public hearing on the budget will take place Monday, May 21 during the regular Council meeting.

In other business, Council voted 5-4 to secure the services of the UNC School of Government to advise the City on the feasibility of the redevelopment proposal of the Historic Vance Hotel. Council members Doris Allison, C.O. Johnson and John Staford voted against the motion, stating they would like to get more quotes and more time to study the matter. Council member Steve Johnson said he wasn’t in favor of spending any money on a feasibility because he knew the numbers didn’t work.

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