Statesville names new police chief


Pictured above: David Addison – Picture courtesy of the City of Statesville


After an extensive hiring process, Statesville City Manager Ron Smith has announced the selection of David Addison, a captain with the Durham Police Department (DPD), as Statesville’s next police chief.

“Chief Addison has been with the Durham Police for 22 years and has moved progressively forward in that organization since he was hired,” said Smith. “He comes with a wide variety of experience and impressive ideas that I believe will be beneficial for both the police department and our community.”

Following the announcement of Police Chief Joe Barone’s retirement in September, Statesville retained Centralina Council of Governments (CCOG) to assist in the hiring process. “With their help, the City was able to facilitate a very public process that included surveying citizens, police department employees, and community partners. I greatly appreciate the community’s responses to the survey. Their input was invaluable.” explained Smith. “And although the comments were varied, it became obvious to me that the City needs a fresh look at its policing.”

Addison, 51, is currently the captain of DPD’s Special Services Division, managing a staff of about 70 that includes the Patrol Squads, Motorcycle Unit, Bicycle Unit, Canine Unit, Traffic Enforcement Unit and Investigative Unit. “His style is to be out in the community, sharing information, addressing issues and solving problems,” said Smith. “I heard that from everyone we spoke to who has worked with him.”

A native of Pennsylvania, Addison has an associate degree in engineering science from the Community College of Philadelphia and a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix. He earned a law degree in 2016 from North Carolina Central University, and was admitted to the N.C. bar that same year. He also works an adjunct professor for St. Augustine’s University, teaching criminal justice and police science courses.

Outside of the police department, Addison is very involved in the community. He volunteers as an attorney for Legal Aid of North Carolina, and has served as chairperson and vice-chairperson for the Durham County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council and president of the Durham County Police Benevolence Association. His contributions to the DPD and the Durham community have earned him numerous community service awards and employee recognition honors.

Addison said he is very excited to be named Statesville’s Chief, adding, “I did my research on this community and there are a lot of great things going on here.” He will begin his duties in Statesville on Feb. 11, 2019. “And first of all, I want to meet the officers and get to know the community where they are. I want to establish open lines of communication from the start.”

Assistant Chief David Onley has served as Statesville’s interim chief since Barone’s retirement. Smith praised Onley, saying “David has performed admirably during this time. He has done everything I asked, and more. He has rebuilt relationships that have been fractured and has absolutely kept our department on the right track.”

Smith explained that his selection of Addison is “not a reflection of Chief Onley’s performance. However, the process and feedback we received confirmed for me that this is the direction the City needs to go in.

“I have expressed my hopes to Chief Addison that he will come in and assess the organization, the people, and the City before making any changes. He has assets in place that can certainly help him to do this … and has given me every indication that he intends to take advantage of them.”

Addison’s starting salary is $120,000.

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Author: WSIC editor