Statesville Council talks budget, parking, flag size



Three residents spoke at City Council’s meeting Monday night during the public hearing on the proposed budget. Gary West, a resident and chairperson of the Statesville Human Relations Commission, spoke in favor of the creation of a community coordinator for South Statesville. This position is included in the budget. A resident spoke against the tax increase and a second resident encouraged Council to solve the crime problem without increasing taxes. The first budget work session will take place Wednesday, May 23, at 4 p.m.

Doug Chapman, an engineer with McGill Associates, reviewed an updated plan for the construction of a parking deck at the existing Meeting St. parking lot, and improvements to the parking area behind the Vance Hotel in downtown Statesville. Council then began to question the costs and need for the additional parking, but was reminded that McGill had been hired a year ago to prepare the design documents and manage the bidding process for both projects. Council’s only request for now was to review the design and give McGill the okay to continue with the project.

Because the future of the Vance Hotel is unknown, Council agreed with McGill’s recommendation to focus on the Meeting St. parking deck and wait on the Vance Hotel parking improvements. Chapman said the project would be ready for bidding in August. They would then bring back the quotes for Council’s approval. It is estimated that the two-part project will cost $3.8 million. Currently, the Meeting St. parking lot and Vance Hotel parking area provide 98 parking spaces. The deck will add 79 new spaces and the Vance parking lot will add 15 more for a total of 192 parking spaces.

Seven persons spoke in favor of the parking deck during the public comment period, citing the need for additional parking in downtown.

Council unanimously approved a change in the sign ordinance to increase the size of flags that can be flown by businesses along the interstate. The size of the pole was increased to a maximum of 130 feet and the flag size was increased to 25 x 40 feet.

Businesses are limited to one flag per site.

In addition to the matters above, all items on the consent agenda and regular agenda were approved unanimously.

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