Fire fighters say space heater on extension cord to blame for Statesville fire


Pictured above: Fire fighters respond to a Wilmington Avenue fire Thursday afternoon – Picture courtesy of the Statesville Fire Department


Statesville Fire Department responded to 1224 Wilmington Ave to possible structure fire around 2:34 pm.

Engine 1 arrived on scene to find light smoke coming from the residence. Fortunately the sole occupant, a single male, was not home at the time.

Due to the quick response of the firefighters the damage was limited to a small bedroom in the home. The cause of the fire was determined to be a small gauge extension cord supplying power to a oil filled space heater resembling a small radiator. This is the second fire in a week with the same exact cause and similar heater. The issue is the use of an extension cord to power the space heater.

Fire officials want to remind home owners and occupants to not use extension cords that are not rated to carry the electrical load of the equipment they power. Space heaters and other appliances that use a lot of electricity should be plugged directly into a receptical and not into an extension cord.

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