Cuban citizens facing identity theft charges in Mooresville


Pictured above: Denis Monsibaez-Diaz, Yariel Monsibaez-Ruiz and Ariel Mora-Quijada – Pictures courtesy of the Mooresville Police Department


MOORESVILLE, N.C. – Mooresville Police Department apprehended three men believed to be involved with stealing debit card accounts and PIN numbers of unsuspecting victims, cloning debit cards, and making purchases and ATM transactions at several Harris Teeter stores across the region, including two in Mooresville.

Yariel Monsibaez-Ruiz, 26, and Denis Monsibaez-Diaz, 34, both of Hialeah, Florida, and Ariel Mora-Quijada, 23, of Miami, Florida have been charged with five counts of Felony Identity Theft, Obtaining Property by False Pretenses and Conspiracy to Obtaining Property by False Pretenses. All suspects are citizens of Cuba and are being held in the Iredell County Detention Center under $350,000 bond.

Officers responded to Harris Teeter on Town Center Drive Monday afternoon after being alerted by store managers the suspects were in the store and using multiple debit cards to make several transactions. Investigators had been at the store earlier that afternoon investigating the same suspects for similar incidents that occurred on May 8. The suspects attempted to flee upon police arrival but were quickly apprehended. Officers recovered more than $1,000 in property purchased with cloned debit cards, as well as nearly $12,000 cash plus crucial pieces of evidence found inside their vehicle.

The investigation into these suspects is continuing as more victims of identity theft are identified. Police encourage residents to carefully review their debit card transactions for any discrepancies and notify their financial institution and law enforcement if fraud is discovered.

Recently, several gas pump skimmers have been found on pumps stations across Mooresville and Troutman. Skimmers are often the source of identity theft cases in which debit cards are cloned and used to access victim’s bank accounts.

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