Statesville Assistant Manager retiring, reorganization announced



City Manager Ron Smith has announced the retirement of Assistant City Manager Lynn Smyth, effective November 30, 2018.

Hired in 1986 as an accounting clerk, Smyth has moved through the ranks, working in the Finance and Personnel Departments.  She was named Assistant City Manager of Policy and Administration in 2008 and served as the Interim City Manager for several months earlier this year following the retirement of City Manager Larry Pressley.

“I have truly enjoyed my time with the City,” said Smyth.  “I have had the privilege of serving a great community for 32 years while working alongside a group of amazing and dedicated coworkers, now friends.”

Smith had high praise for his assistant. “The City has been very fortunate to have had Lynn as a part of the team for all these years.  She is a gifted administrator with a natural ability to assess people and situations properly so that issues are resolved quickly and effectively,” said Smith.  “I have appreciated her counsel and assistance while I adjusted to my new position,” adding that Smyth’s departure “will be quite a hole to fill”.

After evaluating the impact of Smyth’s retirement and the current organizational structure of the City, Smith has also announced changes to the City’s organization.

Two major changes are the promotions of Finance Director Ralph Staley to Assistant City Manager/Chief Financial Officer, and Public Works Director Scott Harrell to Executive Director of Public Works/Engineer.  Harrell will oversee the Public Works Department (Sanitation, Fleet Maintenance, Street Maintenance and Stormwater) and Engineering.  In addition, Harrell will be responsible for the newly created Public Utilities Department which will oversee the operations of Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment and Water/Sewer Maintenance.

These changes will open up the Finance Director Public Works Director positions.

Council has reviewed Smith’s plans and given its approval.

“The public will not notice any changes in the operation of the City because of the restructuring,” stressed Smith.  “However, I believe the reorganization is a better use of the staff’s strengths and skills.  Scott and Ralph will work directly with specific departments and projects, allowing me to give more time to long-range planning and strategies.”

The reorganization goes into effect December 1, 2018.

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