McDonald’s franchisee Mike Neader receives Statesville Mayor’s Cup

Mike Neader – WSIC File Photo


Mike and Melissa Neader, owners of the McDonald’s Restaurant at 3201 Taylorsville Highway, were honored at Monday night’s City Council meeting with the Mayor’s Cup, an award given each year to a person or organization that has made a significant contribution to improving the appearance of Statesville. Mayor Costi Kutteh complimented the Neaders on the recent renovation of their store on Taylorsville Highway and the landscaping that has enhanced the area around it.

Fire Chief Spencer Lee presented the Mayor with a document certifying that the Statesville Fire Department had improved its ISO rating following the last inspection. The rating went up to a Class 2 rating, after staying at a Class 4 rating for the past 10 years. The inspection was conducted by officials with the Department of Insurance Office of State Fire Marshal and is required on a regular basis.

This improved rating ranks the Statesville Fire Department among 1,393 fire departments in the U.S. or 21 fire departments in N.C. with an ISO Class 2 rating.

In other business, Council approved the funding to upgrade the fencing and add a shelter to the splash pad project at Bentley Community Center. The change in the original plans came after questions about security were raised.

The request to approve the low bidder for the Southeast Parallel Taxiway Project was pulled from the agenda.

All of the other requests on the agenda were approved.

Police Chief Joe Barone gave an update to Council about recent activity of the Violent Crime Collaborative and elaborated on significant arrests that have been made. He described the process of stopping violent crime in Statesville as a “big puzzle with lots of pieces. These cases may seem to be only minor pieces and have no link to each other, but they are all important to the bigger pictures. They help connect people and locations and activity that point a bigger problem requiring bigger strategies and resources,” he explained. “And the Statesville Police Department is up to the task.”

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