Former Iredell Manager Ron Smith to lead Statesville government


Pictured above: Ron Smith – Picture courtesy of the City of Statesville


Statesville City Council has named Ron Smith as the new City Manager. Statesville Mayor Costi Kutteh said that conversations with Smith, the former Iredell County Manager and current Executive Director of the Centralina Council of Government (CCOG), have been taking place since May. The contract was officially approved at Monday night’s City Council meeting.

“After we contracted with CCOG to assist with the city manager search, Smith facilitated the first meeting with Council. It was apparent that the person we wanted for the job was sitting in the room with us,” explained Kutteh. “After approaching Ron about the position, we paused the formal search process while we had that conversation.”

Kutteh said Council’s admiration and endorsement of Ron as the next City Manager has been unanimous throughout the process. “We are excited to be getting a manager who is such an advocate of Statesville.”

Smith, 47, is a graduate of UNC Charlotte and has over 20 years of experience in local government. He has served in the role of Planner, Planning Director, Assistant County Manager, and County Manager for Iredell County, the last position being for seven years. Since January 2018 he has served as the Executive Director of Centralina Council of Governments (CCOG). He is a member of the International City/County Management Association and the North Carolina City and County Managers Association. Ron has lived in Statesville with his wife and three children for ten years.

Smith is expected to start with the City by mid-July.

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