Drones detecting body temperature part of COVID-19 response


All over the world, public health and safety groups are starting to use drones to slow coronavirus spread.

In the United States, they’re already being used to monitor public spaces and enforce social distancing.

Canadian company Draganfly announced it’s in talks with private companies in the Seattle area and could be coming to the Pacific Northwest within months.

The drones can detect social distancing, body temperature, heart rate, and even when people cough.

The CEO of Draganfly, Cameron Chell, says seeing drones in the sky is about to become much more common.

“We’re going to see this deployed on-scale across the United States in a couple of months. We need solutions. People need to get back to work,” Chell said over a Zoom call.

“We have discussions going on in the Pacific Northwest and Seattle for sure,” Chell said. “But in the Seattle area, in particular, it’s all private at this time,” he said.

Chell didn’t specify which companies they’re talking to and wouldn’t say which cities across the U.S. they’re working with to launch their drones.