Developer seeks annexation of Statesville property for 260 home project


Picture courtesy of the City of Statesville


Statesville City Council will meet Monday night, Feb. 18, at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 227 S. Center St. This is a public comment meeting which allows persons interested in addressing Council on specific topics to speak at the beginning of the meeting. There is a sign-up sheet at the Clerk’s desk for persons to register to speak prior to the meeting. Individuals have three minutes to speak.

The annexation matter that was pulled from the last Council agenda is back on the agenda for the Feb. 18 meeting. A public hearing will be held on a request to annex 63 acres of property in east Statesville. The property is part of a larger parcel of land at the southeastern corner of the intersection of E. Broad St. and S. Greenbriar Rd., referred to as the Bell Farm property. Future plans for the property (total 112 acres) is development of a residential subdivision consisting of 260 single-family homes.

The issue on Monday night is for annexation only. The developer has also requested a change in the rezoning to allow for the construction of more homes per acre which is expected to come before Council at the March 4, 2019 meeting.

This is a voluntary annexation request. The estimated tax value of the portion of the property under consideration for annexation is $677,840 with the value of the entire parcel being $1.042 million. A more complete analysis of the financial impact of the annexation (one of the largest in recent history) will be presented Monday night.

If approved, the second reading will be held on March 4th. It is uncertain how the developers will proceed if the annexation is rejected.

Persons wishing to speak at the public hearing may sign up prior to the meeting which begins at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 227 S. Center St.

There will also be a public hearing to approve the site plan for the new Randy Marion Ford Dealership to be constructed at 1030 Gateway Crossing Drive. The Planning Board approved the site plan unanimously and the Planning Department recommends approval of the site plan.

Council will consider taking action on a condemnation of a structure on 117 Garfield St. that was tabled in October 2018. The matter was delayed to give the property owners, Mt. Pleasant AME Zion Church, time to demolish the house themselves. At this time, the structure has not been demolished.

Council will also consider the condemnation of a structure at 505 Fall St. that was continued from the last meeting.

Public hearings will not be held for either of these condemnations since they were held at an earlier date.

A request to move a sewer line to protect it from damage because of erosion will be presented and discussed. Currently, the sewer line is located along Free Nancy Branch between Brookdale Drive and Sullivan Rd. The proposal is to move the sewer line at a cost of $400,000 to $450,000.

The entire agenda can be viewed at

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