What are your office hours?

Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm
When arriving at WSIC, please come to the back of the building and ring the doorbell if the door is locked.  Please call us if we can be helpful: 704-872-6345

How can I put something on the HomeAd show?

You can easily put something on the HomeAd show by emailing it to: HomeAd@wsicweb.com
Or…Just mail it or drop it by our offices at: 1117 Radio Road, Statesville, NC
Or Call: 704-873-1400 during the show!

How can I be involved in the next Community Yard Sale?

Community Yard Sales are held during the spring and early fall on the grounds of WSIC in Statesville. To purchase a space, stop by the radio station during normal business hours. Regular spaces are $5 each. Business spaces are $10 each. If you have questions, call 704-872-6345, extension 238.

How can I submit an idea or tip for local news coverage?

Send an e-mail to news@wsicweb.com. This e-mail address is monitored regularly. Please provide as much information as possible. Feel free to send ideas or tips as often as you like. We appreciate your input.

Why are Rush Limbaugh and other programs not on TV 21.2?

Agreements with the providers of these programs only allow for them to be broadcast in certain places.  While we would like to carry them across all platforms, we must honor these agreements.

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