WWII bombers on display in Statesville


Pictured above: The P-51 takes-off in Burlington Wednesday – WSIC Photo


STATESVILLE (WSIC) – It’s one thing to see history in a museum or read about it online. When you can see it, touch it and interact with it – history gets a lot more interesting.

WSIC had the rare honor Wednesday of flying aboard a restored B-24 bomber as the Collings Foundation brought it to Statesville. Pilot Taigh Ramey has been volunteering for more than ten years.

While the B-24 looks large from the outside, maneuvering inside is tight. Flight engineer Stephen Arnold provided a tour before take-off. In the air, WSIC’s Pat Shannon and Chris Hoke were free to explore the plane.

World War II veteran Harold Rimmer is among those who look forward to seeing the planes on display. For the 96 year-old Statesville resident, getting to be an Army Air Corps training mechanic for the B-24 was answered prayer. Finishing at the top of his class in mechanic’s school, Rimmer became an instructor – teaching soldiers how to make the major repairs that would keep planes in the sky.

The B-24, B-25, B-17 and P-51 will be on display at the Statesville Regional Airport through Thursday afternoon. There is a small fee to tour the aircraft.