Tutors sought for Iredell-Statesville School grant program



Tutors are needed for over 60 children at multiple locations around the city. This program is affiliated with the Iredell Statesville School System Gear-Up Grant for 6.2 million dollars.

This is an effort to bring children up to speed academically so they can begin to fell confident in their ability to graduate & plan for a post high school education, whether it is a trade school, 2 yr. Associate Degree or a Bachelors Degree. We want them to believe in their abilities and the possibility of a future with good paying jobs.

They need help with basics: reading, language arts, history, math or science. We will find the materials to help you do your tutoring. We have an ISS staff member coming to teach us how to teach the core math. These children are eager to learn and want to do better.

If you cannot tutor, please share this with someone that you think would be interested, perhaps a neighbor, co-worker, family member or church group.
We need individuals to help register students as they arrive and leave. We need someone to pick up meals for every location which have been prepared at a nearby school for an evening meal for the children. We will also try to provide them with fresh fruit at each location for a take home snack.

We start the program this Wed. night, Sept. 4th, with a casual drop-in for folks interested in learning more about how and what to do. It will be at The Upper Room from 6:00-7:30. Wed. Sept. 11th is the Tutoring for Tutors at the Upper Room at 6:00-7:00.

Tutoring sessions begin the week of Sept. 16th.

Please let me know if you are interested. Feel free to call or text me.

Anita Johnson
704-996-1195 (c)

Anita Johnson

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