South Iredell High School students form robotic team to serve entire county


Pictures Courtesy of Iredell-Statesville Schools


If you are waiting on the teens from the South Iredell High School Robotics Team…well, you’re backing up.

In conjunction with the Mooresville Youth Council, a team of SIHS students have formed a new robotics team to serve the entire county. FTC (First Tech Challenge) Team VoltEDGE, will serve students between 7th and 12th grade, from both the Iredell-Statesville School District and the Mooresville Graded School District. Homeschool students in the southern part of Iredell County as well as charter school students are welcome also.

At the end of last season, SIHS juniors Chris Blue, Hamza Ishaque, and Martina Vu were determined that they needed to make fundamental changes to their strategy if they wanted to make it to the First Tech Challenge Robotics World Competition in Houston, Texas. Blue stated that, “The primary change to our strategy is opening our pool of potential members to all local schools and students. Expanding our scope also enables us to exponentially increase our community outreach.”

The goal for the year is to make it to World Championships for FTC robotics while performing over 1,000 hours of outreach as a team to promote STEM in the community. VoltEDGE hopes to give other students an opportunity to explore STEM and become involved in the Mooresville area.

The teens have secured a space at NASCAR Technical Institute’s Mooresville Campus. Beginning in mid-September, they will meet every Wednesday and Thursday from 5 pm ~ 8:30at Nascar Tech off of Talbert Road in Mooresville.

Iredell County students interested in being part of VoltEDGE should reach out to Team VoltEDGE is also looking for friends in Iredell County to support the effort through funding for parts, tools, workbenches and a 3-D printer.

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