Seven from Iredell Sheriff’s Office first to complete MCC detention officer course

(front row L-R) Heather Bailey, Iredell County Sheriffs Office
Kendal Tifft, Iredell County S.O. Jennie Hager, Iredell County S.O. (back row L-R) James Hardee, Iredell County S.O. Jonathan Graves, Iredell County S.O. Brandon Robinson, Iredell County S.O. Corey Palin, Lincoln County S.O. – Submitted Photo


Statesville, NC – Mitchell Community College held a graduation ceremony for the first Detention Officer Certification Course (DOCC) on Wednesday, September 27. Seven students completed the course designed to prepare individuals for certification as a detention officer. The DOCC students completed their state examination Wednesday morning, earning some of the highest scores on the test since new formatting was put in place eight years ago.

DOCC is a short-term Continuing Education course offered under guidelines and requirements as set forth by North Carolina Sheriffs’ Education and Training Standards Commission. Properly certified state instructors are used in all topic areas. Trainees must successfully pass a state administered exam as well as demonstrate competency in all skill areas in order to be eligible for certification as a detention officer. Lecture, demonstrations, and practical exercises are primary methods of instruction.

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