North Iredell Future Farmers of America students attend Raleigh competition


Pictured above: Natalie Tucker, Alleigh Johnson, Abby Martin, Codi Barker, Angelina Vargas, Allison Cook, Nathan Campbell, and Laurel Gray – Picture courtesy of Iredell-Statesville Schools


On November 26 the North Iredell High School Future Farmers of America (FFA) Junior and Senior Livestock Evaluation Teams competed in Raleigh, NC. Students were asked to evaluate nine classes of livestock (4 different species were evaluated in the contest) and give two sets of oral reasons to judges which defended their placings of that particular class. Senior contestants also had a written test and team animal selection activity to complete.

The livestock evaluation career development event provides the opportunity to learn and apply livestock industry and production priorities through evaluation and selection of beef cattle, swine, sheep and meat goats.

The NIHS senior team (consisting of Allison Cook, Laurel Gray, Angelina Vargas, and Alleigh Johnson) placed 18th in the state out of 105 teams. Laurel Gray was the 4th high individual in the state out of 378 competitors. The NIHS junior team (consisting of Nathan Campbell, Natalie Tucker, Abby Martin, and Codi Barker) placed 48th out of 78 teams.

The team is coached by NIHS teacher and FFA advisor Lauren Irby and Laura Elmore with the Iredell County Cooperative Extension.

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