New principal named for Statesville High School



Beginning on January 22, 2019 Mrs. Sheila Jenkins will assume the reigns at Statesville High School.  The I-SS Board of Education named Mrs. Jenkins as the new principal on Monday, January 14, 2019.  Sheila Jenkins has been an educator for 27 years and served in a variety of settings. She began her career as an administrator at North Rowan Middle School in Rowan-Salisbury. Prior to coming to Iredell-Statesville she worked as a principal at East Alexander Middle School and Alexander County Schools district office where she served as Director of Accountability, Technology, Media Services and ESL. While at the district office Mrs. Jenkins coordinated an $800,000 Golden Leaf Grant at Alexander Central High School, putting a 1:1 device in the hands of every student. She also worked with all grade levels on the implementation of Blended Learning classrooms as well as data interpretation to improve learning. Most recently, Mrs. Jenkins has served for 3 ½ years as the principal of Northview, an IBO World School, and has worked to improve test scores. Northview is currently ranked number 3 in North Carolina out of all 750 public and charter middle schools.

Sheila Jenkins lives in the West Iredell area with her husband, Tracy, her daughter Lilia, who is a student at NC State University and a son, Harrison, who is soon to be married. They live on their family farm, Westward Farms. Jenkins said, “I am very excited to be trusted with the position of principal at Statesville High School. I look forward to working with the students, staff and community.”

Mrs. Jenkins will replace Hans Lassiter, who has served as SHS principal since August of 2017.   Mr. Lassiter is joining the leadership team at Central Services in the Human Resources Department.

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