Mooresville Graded Schools to host information night on vaping



On Thursday, January 24, the Mooresville Graded School District will be holding an informational night regarding the growing problem of vaping in schools across our state and the nation. Speakers will include Kelly and Luka Kinard, a mother and son from High Point, NC, whose story has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and on NBC News telling their experience with vaping addiction and the negative ramifications it had for Luka and their family.

We are also excited to welcome the following speakers/panelists:

  • Dr. Matthew CiRullo, Lake Norman Regional Medical Center, will speak on the medical effects vaping has on our youth.
  • Carleen Crawford, Regional Tobacco Control Manager, will speak about the trends in vaping, the effects on our youth, and specifically the viral rise in Juuling.
  • Major Ron Chilton and Officer Dan Walther, Mooresville Police Department, will speak to the effects Vaping is having specifically within the Mooresville community.

After brief presentations from each guest speaker, they will form a panel that will be open for questions. If a parent has a specific question they know they want to ask in advance, they can submit it to Tanae McLean,, by Monday, January 21. While parents are encouraged to share their questions in advance for efficiency, there will also be an opportunity for open questions.

This event will take place in the MHS Performing Arts Center beginning at 7:00pm. MGSD believes that by working together as a community, students and families can gain understanding regarding this serious issue that is easily accessible to students and does not discriminate.

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