McDonald’s gift cards donated to help Statesville students get meals over Christmas break


Pictured above: Local McDonald’s owner Melissa Neader, Statesville High School teacher Tara Elliott, and Key To Escape owner Roger Siegrist – Submitted photo

STATESVILLE, N.C. (WSIC NEWS) – Statesville High School teacher Tara Elliott is making the community better one student at a time.

Knowing some of her students deal with an inadequate availability of food, Elliott came up with an idea to give her students a way to eat over the holiday break. She took to Facebook asking if people would consider donating $10 gift cards for her students. More than sixty were needed to get one in the hands of every student.

Local McDonald’s owner and WSIC client Melissa Neader stepped-in to help and made sure the gift cards became a reality. Statesville businessman Roger Siegrist also got involved in the Facebook request and wanted to make sure the need was met. His Facebook comment offered to fulfill any remaining gift card needs for the students. He and Neader met with Elliott to present the gift cards this week. Elliott also received a plaque for her contributions to the community.

Author: WSIC editor