Vale man accused of stealing camper



Jensen Creed Reinhardt – Picture courtesy of the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office

On Tuesday, April 10th, 2018, Deputies from the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office received a report in reference to a 24’ Coachman Camper stolen from the Bethlehem Community. After meeting with the victim, physical evidence was collected at the scene and turned over to Detectives. Further investigation was able to connect the physical evidence to a suspect from Vale, NC. In a joint effort with Catawba County Sheriff’s Office, the investigators were able to locate and charge Jensen Creed REINHARDT, 37 years of age, with 1 count of Felony Larceny for steeling the Camper. Detectives from Alexander County went to REINHARDT’S residence, met with Deputies from Catawba County and arrested REINHARDT without incident and transported back to Alexander County Detention Center where he was placed under a $7500.00 Secured Bond. He is scheduled for his first appearance on Monday, April 16th, 2018 in District Court in Taylorsville.

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