Two Iredell schools placed on security alert after BOLO issued


STATESVILLE, NC (WSIC) – Two Statesville schools were placed on security alerts Thursday morning after police learned one or more people wanted in Mooresville may be in downtown Statesville.

Assistant Statesville Chief Kenny Cornelius says Statesville High School and American Renaissance School were placed on alert due to the possibility that the individual or group may have been armed. He notes this was a security alert, not a lock down.

No one was located by the Statesville Police Department downtown Thursday morning.

The Mooresville Police Department has confirmed a BOLO was issued, but has not shared additional details relating to the person(s) being sought or the events leading-up to this incident.

WSIC is seeking additional information from the Mooresville Police Department. Return to this page for updates on this developing story.

The following message was issued to Statesville High School families:

“Good Morning, Statesville Family! This is Hans Lassiter advising that, due to an advisory we received from the Statesville City and Iredell County law enforcement communities, our school is under enhanced security measures this morning.

“According to the report I received, an incident occurred in Mooresville, North Carolina earlier this morning, and the suspects fled the scene and were headed in the general vicinity of downtown Statesville. Given the egregious nature of the alleged crime committed, and the notion that the suspects were armed, the decision was made to secure our campus.

“It is important to note that this threat DOES NOT INVOLVE Statesville High School students. All exterior doors and points of access to our school have been secured and locked, and all students and staff have been accounted for. Movement out of classes and in and out of our school have been abridged until we receive word that either the subjects have been apprehended or the threat has passed.

“Thank you for your continued support of our school and the level of confidence and trust you have in us as we work together to provide a safe, orderly, and caring environment.