Two accused of hiding runaway juvenile


Pictured above: Katelan Lodemia Daugherty, Allen Michael Saxton – Pictures courtesy of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office


Sheriff Darren Campbell stated: On Tuesday, May 14, 2019 the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a runaway juvenile. Brianna West was reported missing from 135 Chantilly Lane where she reportedly walked away from the residence around 6:30 pm, and did not return to the home.

During the investigation Iredell County Sheriff’s Office Special Victims Unit Detectives interviewed several witnesses, and friends of West. Detectives met with, and interviewed Katelan Daugherty, and Allen Saxton at 131 Durand Lane Statesville on several occasions.

Both of them told the investigators they did not know where Brianna was. Detectives reviewed camera footage from area businesses, and discovered Katelan Daugherty had picked Brianna up in a vehicle the day she was reported missing.

After gathering additional evidence against Daugherty and Saxton, deputies went to their residence at 131 Durand Lane, on Sunday May 19, 2019, and located Brianna West at the home. Detectives learned Daugherty, and Saxton had been helping Brianna hide while lying to detectives when they would come out to the residence.

Detective Sgt. J. Lowrance with the Special Victim’s Unit obtained arrest warrants for Katelan Lodemia Daugherty, and Allen Michael Saxton for Misdemeanor Contributing to Delinquent of Juvenile.

Both suspects were arrested at their home on May 20, 2019. They were taken to the Iredell County Detention Center where they were served with the warrants. Magistrate D. Chambers issued each suspect a 25,000.00 dollars secured bond.

Sheriff Campbell added, “These suspects in addition to causing the missing girl’s family stress, and torment, have wasted detectives time, and tax payers money by being deceitful and hiding this girl out for days”.

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Author: Niakeya James