Items stolen from Iredell residence returned, felony charges pending


Pictured above: Kenneth James Johnson, Samuel Lee McCrary – Picture courtesy of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office


Sheriff Darren Campbell stated: The Iredell County Sheriff’s Office, Criminal Investigation Division was called to 220 Deerfield Lane, Statesville for a reported breaking and, entering. The caller advised the detectives her father had recently passed away, and the home and its contents were listed as his estate.

She went on to say she had filed the required paperwork to be the Executor of the Estate, and all the property was to be held as the estate until the family could settle all debts. The caller explained certain items had been stolen from the residence. There were no signs of forced entry into the home, and it appeared to investigators whoever went into the house used a key to get inside.

During the investigation it was discovered several tools, and tires missing with a value of more than 1,400.00 dollars. Detectives also learned there were family members which may have had keys to the residence.

Detectives went to speak with Kenneth Johnson at 198 Deerfield Lane, however he was not at home, but a lawn aerator which was one of the listed stolen items was sitting in his yard.

Detectives went next door to speak with a neighbor at 190 Deerfield Lane, and located four truck tires which had also been listed as stolen lying in the tall grass at the residence. The homeowner said the tires were put in the grass by Sam McCrary. The homeowner said McCrary had told him the tires were his and asked to leave them there until he could get them.

Detectives located, and interviewed Kenneth James Johnson. He return the items he had taken from the residence. Johnson stated Sam McCrary had taken some items as well, and was able to produce a telephone number for McCrary.

Detectives interviewed McCrary by telephone, and explained the situation. McCray admitted to taking the tires. McCrary said that the tires were his, however, he could not produce any proof of this. McCrary also said he had taken a bag of tools from the residence as well. McCrary returned the bag of tools to the Sheriff’s Office.

Kenneth James Johnson was charged with: one Count of Felony Breaking and Entering, one Count of Felony Larceny after Breaking and Entering, and one Count of First Degree Trespassing. He was taken before Magistrate P. Tutterrow, who issued a 15,000.00 dollars unsecured bond.

Samuel Lee McCrary was charged with: one Count of Felony Breaking and Entering, one Count of Felony Larceny after Breaking and Entering, and one Count of First Degree Trespassing. McCrary was taken before Magistrate R. Imes, who issued him a 10,000.00 dollars secured bond.

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