Statesville manager announces retirement from local government

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Statesville City Manager Larry Pressley announced his resignation to City Council and staff today, effective April 30, 2018.

Pressley, 59, has worked in municipal government for 33 years, and said he feels the “time is right” to retire from local government.   He came to work for Statesville in 2006 as Public Works Director/Engineer and was made Assistant City Manager for Growth and Development in 2008.  Following the retirement of City Manager Rob Hites in 2012, Pressley served as interim manager until Council appointed him as City Manager in 2013.

“I have enjoyed my time in Statesville,” said Pressley.  “And now I believe it is time for me to transition to another phase of my life.” He did not announce specific future plans, but indicated he intends to stay in Statesville for now.

Statesville Mayor Costi Kutteh expressed sadness about Pressley’s resignation, and high praises for his service.  “I believed in 2013 that we made the right decision to hire Larry and he has not proven me wrong.  I appreciate his demeanor, professional skill and human character.  They are strong traits that Larry has and those I would like in the next manager,” said Kutteh.

“I will convene the Council next week to discuss the selection of an interim, and begin the process for hiring a new city manager,” he explained.

During his tenure, Pressley has overseen several major projects, including the expansion of Third Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, the development and construction of the Downtown Streetscape construction, the renovation of City Hall, the upgrade of the City’s information technology system and major development of the airport.

He and his wife, Aundria, have two grown children.

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