Statesville High student accused of having gun on campus



Statesville, NC – A 15-year-old Statesville High School student has been arrested and charged by the Statesville Police Department for possession of a firearm on a school campus.

The school resource officer was observing students in the cafeteria and noticed that a student was showing other students something in his backpack. School officials became suspicious that the student might have something illegal on campus. Upon questioning, the student was escorted to an assistant principal’s office. Prior to the search, the student acknowledged that he had a weapon in his backpack. School administration, working jointly with the Statesville Police Department, searched the backpack and did indeed find an unloaded firearm along with a full magazine of ammunition.

The student was taken into custody immediately. This was an isolated incident. No student or staff were ever threatened, everyone is safe, and instructional time was not interrupted. Additional resource officers are on campus for the remainder of the day for added precaution.

Principal Hans Lassiter said, “I have to thank the quick thinking of School Resource Officer Kathleen Pope. She noticed something was afoot and notified administration immediately and let the search process take over.”

Possession of a firearm on a school campus is a felony. Mr. Lassiter is quick to remind all students to think about their future. “Decisions, no matter how youthful, no matter how ill-timed, have consequences. Here we have a young man who has signed away one full year of his education and possibly his freedom. The safety of our students and staff takes priority.”

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