Sheriff’s Office uses drug dealer money for school ballistic shields



Sheriff Darren Campbell is releasing the following statement in regards to his plan to harden elementary schools in Iredell County:

A process that began in April of this year is coming full circle with the deployment of ballistic shields. There has been a great deal of discussion in our community and around the nation lately on what can be done to make schools safer. The idea to pre-deploy ballistic shields into our elementary schools was the first time this has been tried. The logic in doing this was to have the resources at the schools ahead of the threat so when responders arrive they would already have the tools they need to confront a threat immediately.

We spent $45,000 worth of drug dealer’s money to make this purchase. We are literally using the drug dealer’s money to improve school safety and the safety of our responding deputies. This makes our communities safer by slowing the drug trade and making their industry less profitable. Everyone but the drug dealer wins when we use their money to make our schools safer.

70% of active shooter incidents are over within the first five minutes. 25% of active shooter incidents last less than 2 minutes. This means we have to place physical barriers between students and the threat who is seeking to hurt them. Pre-deploying these shields will help us to respond with the maximum amount of resources in the shortest period of time possible.

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