Rowan deputies investigating carjacking and robbery


Picture courtesy of the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office


On 11/22/2019, the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office began investigating a Robbery/Carjacking that occurred on Courtney Ln. During the robbery, the victim was attempting to sell home theater equipment to two unknown suspects. The victim followed the suspects to the Rushco gas station at Innes St. and Stokes Ferry Rd., where he showed the suspects the equipment that was in his vehicle. One of the suspects went into the store while the other went back to the car. The victim then followed the suspects to Courtney Ln. When they arrived at Courtney Ln., the suspects took control of the victim’s vehicle. The victim attempted to get into the back of his vehicle, but was thrown from his vehicle when the suspects accelerated as they took off. The vehicle and home theater equipment were stolen, but only the vehicle was later recovered partially submerged in High Rock Lake.

The photos attached came from the Rushco gas station, and are of the suspect that pumped gas and then went into the store. He purchased a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, attempted without success to use the ATM, and then left.

Any information please contact Lt. Chad Moose (704) 216-8687, Sgt Greene (704) 216-8686 or Crime Stoppers 1-866-639-5245.

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