Police: Mooresville man facing drug charges after being found asleep behind the wheel

Pictured above: Jerimey Bailey – Picture courtesy of Statesville Police Department


Around 2030hrs on July 27th, 2019, Statesville PD received a call regarding a suspicious vehicle stopped in the parking lot of 528 S Center St with an individual apparently passed out behind the wheel. K-9 Officer Berens and Crime Reduction Team Officer Eiss arrived on scene to find the vehicle, a silver Mitsubishi Mirage, stationary but running, with an unresponsive male in the drivers seat. The car was in drive and the driver’s foot was on the brake.

Officers were able to place the car in park and turn the vehicle off before waking the driver up and asking him to step out of the vehicle. As the officers began a frisk for weapons, the driver, identified as Jerimey Eugene Bailey, 32, of Mooresville, attempted to flee on foot but was subdued within a few feet by the two officers on scene. A frisk of Bailey yielded a black Taurus 9mm pistol hidden in his waistband, a pocket knife and around $200 in cash. The pistol came back in the system as listed stolen out of Mooresville, NC and Bailey is a convicted felon.

A search of the vehicle yielded a second firearm (a Glock .22 pistol) and additional ammunition, along with various narcotics including cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, MDMA and alprazolam which were packaged separately in small amounts.

EMS was contacted due to Bailey’s suspected impairment and he refused treatment, however officers transported him to Iredell Memorial Hospital for medical clearance before turning him over to the custody of the Iredell County Jail. Magistrate Watkins issued a $175,000 bond.

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Author: Niakeya James