Murder charged filed in Statesville homicide

Enrico Heggins – Picture courtesy of the Statesville Police Department


Statesville Police Chief Joe Barone announced today that first degree felony murder charges have been filed
against a man in the January 6, 2018, fatal shooting of Freeman Jacobi Wells.

Enrico Dewaine Heggins, 35, currently in custody in Davie County for firearms and narcotics charges, was charged Thursday following an extensive investigation by Statesville’s Violent Crime Collaborative. He is currently being held without bond.

Barone said that the Violent Crime Collaborative continues to investigate this homicide, as well as other cases. “This multi-agency partnership has been invaluable in the assistance and sharing of resources and information; their work lead to Thursday’s charges against Heggins. Without question, their work will result in future charges.”
Last January, Davie County Sheriff’s deputies were investigating a case when they realized their suspect may have been involved in criminal activity in Statesville. Their investigation lead to the raid of a hotel room in Mocksville where Heggins was found with four ounces of heroin, seven weapons, including four high-powered rifles, and $5,000.

“We understand that criminals don’t stop at the city limits or county line. It takes a shared effort to keep our communities safe,” said Barone. “We are very appreciative to all the agencies that have joined together under the Violent Crimes Collaborative, especially to the Davie County Sheriff’s Office, NC State Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.”

Wells, 30, was inside a residence on Hickory Ave. when he was shot January 6. He was transported to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center where he later died. There were no other injuries in that shooting.

The Violent Crimes Collaborative also includes Iredell County Sheriff’s Office, NC Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE), and has been in contact with numerous agencies in surrounding jurisdictions searching for more ties between related crimes in our areas.

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