Mother charged with 2nd degree murder in death of 4-month-old, deputies say alcohol involved


Pictured above: Erika Altamirano – Picture courtesy of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office


Sheriff Darren Campbell stated: On Thursday, June 27, 2019 at approximately 9:00 pm, Iredell County Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to Davis Regional Medical Center in reference to a four month old infant which had been taken to the hospital in an unresponsive state.

When the Deputies arrived at the hospital, they were advised the child was in critical condition. They immediately notified Criminal Investigations Division Detectives.

Several Detectives arrived at the hospital, and began an investigation. A CAT scan had been conducted by medical staff, it revealed the child had a serious head injury. The child was then transported to Brenner’s Children’s Hospital at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center via air transportation. Detectives were dispatched to Brenner’s Children’s Hospital to continue the investigation.

Iredell County Sheriff’s Office Detectives spoke with multiple witnesses, and family members. Detectives learned the child’s father had arrived home from work to find the child breathing but unresponsive. The child’s mother was asleep in the bed with the child. The father immediately called for help and took the child to the nearest hospital.

Once at Brenner’s Hospital, Detectives were able to interview additional family members, along with Erika Renee Altanirano who is the mother the child. Initially no one interviewed knew how the child had been injured.

Due of the serious nature of this case, Detectives applied for and executed a search warrant at the home of the child. Detectives collected numerous items of evidence which included an empty liquor bottle in the trash can.

As the investigation continued, Detectives spoke with multiple witnesses, and were able to determine the child had been in exclusive control of his mother, Erika Altamirano, during the day. Altamirano admitted to having consumed alcohol during the day, and stated she could not remember what happened to the child. Detectives learned Altamirano had gone to the ABC Liquor Store earlier during the day where she had purchased alcohol.

Physicians at Brenner’s Hospital diagnosed the child with a significant skull fracture to the rear of his head as well as other injuries. The physicians determined the injuries were life-threatening, and they were consistent with Non-Accidental Trauma.

On Thursday, July 4, 2019 at approximately 5:10 pm the 4 month old child died as a result of these injures.

An autopsy was performed on Friday July 5, 2019. The cause of death was determined to be Blunt Force Trauma.

As a result of the combined evidence, and information gathered during the investigation Felony Arrest Warrants were issued for Erika Altamirano for Felony Second Degree Murder, and Felony Child Abuse.

Altamirano was arrested on Tuesday, July 16, 2019 upon her release from a medical facility. She was taken before Magistrate D. Chambers who issued a 500,000.00 dollars secured bond on these charges.

Altamirano was placed in the Iredell County Detention Center. She is scheduled for her first court appearance on Wednesday, July 17, 2019 in Statesville.

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