Missing Alexander couple arrested in Virginia

Carl Dotson and Brandi Risden – Pictures courtesy of the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office

Editor’s Note: The child referenced below was found safe.


On Monday April 2, 2018 at approximately 8:30 AM, Carl Lee Dotson, W/M, age 48 of Taylorsville and Brandi Michelle Risden, W/F, age 32, also of Taylorsville, were taken into custody by the Wytheville Police Department in Wytheville, Virginia. At approximately 7:30 AM, Alexander County Sheriff’s Office notified Wytheville Police Department that Dotson and Risden were near a motel in Wytheville. Wytheville Police Department located a Kawasaki motorcycle with North Carolina license plates that the couple were believed to be driving outside a motel in Wytheville. Dotson and Risden were taken into custody without incident and were found in possession of a firearm and controlled substance. Charges are pending for Dotson and Risden in the state of Virginia. They are also awaiting extradition back to North Carolina.


On Tuesday, March 27, 2018, Carl Lee Dotson, W/M, age 48, of Taylorsville was issued a warrant for failing to appear on charges of Assault Inflicting Serious Bodily Injury and Assault by Strangulation in Alexander County Superior Court. Officers attempted to locate Mr. Dotson at his residence located on Lindsey Bebber Rd. During the investigation, it was discovered that Brandi Risden, Mr. Dotson’s girlfriend, was missing with their four-month-old daughter. There have been previous domestics at this residence, involving Mr. Dotson and Ms. Risden, which led to an active Domestic Violence Protection order against Mr. Dotson from Ms. Risden. The circumstances around the disappearance of Dotson, Risden, and the child are unclear. With the disappearance of mother and child, the North Carolina Center of Missing Persons was contacted in reference to issuing an AMBER alert, which was denied. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children were also contacted and are assisting with the attempt to locate the missing persons. Dotson, Risden, and the child have all been entered in as missing persons and were last known to be driving a burgundy 1995 Dodge pickup with license plate NC FAN-3221. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Dotson, Risden, or the child, or has any information regarding this case, please contact Alexander County Sheriff’s Office, Lieutenant Jason Moore.

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