Man accused of safecracking employer’s property


Pictured above: Umberto Navarro – Picture courtesy of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office


Sherriff Darren Campbell stated:  Detectives with the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office arrested Umberto Nunez Navarro of 223 Third Creek Road Statesville, North Carolina for Felony Safecracking, Felony larceny and Misdemeanor Damage to Property.

Navarro was an employee of a business and returned to the business after hours. Navarro attempted to gain entry into a lock box but was unsuccessful. Navarro returned with an accomplice, who is unidentified at this time. Navarro and the accomplice gained access to the contents of the lock box and carried away an undisclosed amount of cash. The two men also damaged property during the break-in.

After talking with witnesses and processing various evidence, detectives were able to identify Umberto Navarro as the perpetrator. Navarro was then arrested on July 27, 2018 without incident at his residence.

Navarro was transported to the Iredell County Detention Center where he was taken before Magistrate Tutterow and placed under a 7,500.00 secured bond.

Mr. Navarro has been charged in the past for assault on a female, carrying a concealed gun, driving while license revoked, no operator’s license, and driving after consuming.

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