Man accused of armed robbery at Walmart & Dollar General


Pictured above: Lemuel Charles Hoover III – Picture courtesy of the Statesville Police Department


At approximately 2227 hours on Tuesday, November 05, 2019 a white male entered Walmart located at 1116 Crossroads Drive, Statesville NC. After walking around the store, the male went to register. When he got to the checkout counter, he pulled his shirt up showing what appeared to be the grip of a handgun. The suspect told the clerk to give him the money. The clerk complied and handed the suspect the large bills from the register. The suspect then ran from the store. Statesville Police Department Patrol Division and members of the Statesville Police Department Violent Crime Unit responded.

On Wednesday, November 06, 2019 officers from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Probation and Parole was in the area of south Statesville attempting to locate Lemuel Charles Hoover III, who removed his ankle monitor.
Probation Officers saw Hoover walking in the area of Wilson Lee Boulevard and Durham Avenue. Upon sight of the Probation Officers, Hoover ran from the area. Statesville Police Department Patrol members responded to the area to assist Probation and Parole.

At approximately 0920 hours, as officers were continuing to search the area for Hoover, Statesville Police Dispatch received a call advising an armed robbery had just occurred at Dollar General, located at 922 Shelton Ave., Statesville, NC.

Additional personnel from the Statesville Police Patrol Division and Violent Crime Unit members responded to the area. Iredell County Sheriff’s Deputies and members of the Iredell County Criminal Investigations Division also responded to the area to assist in locating the robbery suspect.

The description of the suspect who robbed the Dollar General was given to responding officers. At that time, Violent Crime Unit members determined the robbery suspect from the Dollar General and the Walmart robbery was Lemuel Charles Hoover III.

After searching the area for approximately 15 minutes, officers located the suspect, Hoover in the 300 block of West Raleigh Ave. Hoover was taken into custody without incident and charged with two counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon. He was taken before Magistrate Watkins and issued a $150,000.00 secured bond. Additional charges on Hoover are pending for tampering with an electronic device.

Statesville Police Department 704-878-3406
Iredell Crime Stoppers 704-662-1340

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