Man accused in Alexander break-ins arrested in Tennessee

Anthony Stout – Picture courtesy of the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office


On Tuesday, September 5, 2017, Detectives from the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office traveled to Carter County Sheriff’s Office in Elizabethton, Tennessee, in reference to recovered stolen property from break-ins in Alexander County.

Alexander County Sheriff’s Office Detectives have been working in conjunction with Carter County Sheriff’s Office Detectives for approximately a month to locate Anthony Scott Stout, W/M, age 26, who is believed to be responsible for numerous break-ins and larcenies in Alexander, Wilkes, and Watauga Counties in North Carolina, as well as Carter County, Tennessee. Stolen property has been recovered from the break-ins and larcenies in each county named above. Stout was traveling back and forth, breaking & entering into homes in the above counties.

It was reported Sunday night from Watauga County, that a vehicle had been stolen in Boone, North Carolina. The vehicle was wrecked Monday morning around 4:00 AM in Carter County, Tennessee. Inside the vehicle were numerous items of stolen property from the break-ins above. Stout is believed to have stolen the vehicle and to have fled from the scene of the accident. Stout was taken into custody later Monday, September 4, 2017 in Washington County, Tennessee for Probation Violation and Resisting Arrest. He is being held in Washington County, Tennessee, pending extradition to North Carolina.

Stout is charged in Alexander County with three counts of Felony Breaking & Entering & Larceny, and one count of Felony Breaking & Entering a Motor Vehicle. The reported value of items stolen in the Alexander County larcenies is approximately $50,000. More charges on Stout are pending.

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Author: WSIC editor