Lincoln daycare receives threatening phone call



Lincolnton, NC – Lincoln County Sheriff’s detectives are investigating a suspicious phone call made to the Mini Academy Day Care on Unity Church Road on November 6, 2018.

Deputies were dispatched to the day care around 3:30 p.m. where they were met by the director of the day care.  She told officers the center received a phone call around 3:27 p.m. from a male who told her to go to the office because he had information about one of her employees.  He told her the action she takes will determine whether the employee and daughter are hurt over the next couple of days.

The director told deputies she attempted to stand to get the attention of another employee to call 911 but the caller told her to sit down and not move indicating he was watching her.  The day care was placed on lockdown to be sure all employees and students were accounted for.  Following a successful head count parents were allowed to pick up their children.  The caller apparently hung up the phone without anything else to say.  Investigators are trying to determine the identity and location of the caller.

Detectives are continuing the investigation into the incident.  Meanwhile the day care is operating as usual and residents can expect to see an increase of Sheriff’s patrol cars in the area.

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