Law enforcement agencies meet to discuss recent violent crime

WSIC File Photo


More than 30 representatives from a variety of law enforcement agencies, spent Tuesday in Statesville discussing the cases of violent crime in their respective jurisdictions and what they might have in common.

Statesville Police Chief Joe Barone hosted the day-long meeting for a number of reasons. “First of all, there are cases in other communities that are tied to Statesville and some of the recent criminal activity we have experienced. We need to talk with one another and compare our cases and our evidence,” he explained.

And secondly, Barone continued, “it is an opportunity for the local agencies to benefit from the expertise and resources of agencies such as the SBI and ATF.”

Because of the complexity of the cases and their connections with individuals known by several agencies, Barone was not able to divulge all the agencies involved and could not give many details about the meeting’s outcomes. “We are developing recommendations on how to proceed from here and establishing relationships that can take us forward in solving and preventing crimes in Statesville and the entire area,” he explained.
Barone announced also that evidence gathered in all the shootings “have made it to the labs to be examined.” According to Barone, “this includes shell casings, firearms and all the bits and pieces of evidence we got from the crime scenes.”

The community continues to provide information that is useful in the investigations, said Barone. He is meeting with a recently formed Youth Coalition group on Thursday and a new faith-based group Church and Police Coalition on Saturday. “I really appreciate the way our community is coming together,” said Barone. “It is making a difference.”

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