“It’s about privilege” says Mecklenburg Sheriff of those questioning Cornelius speeding tickets


Pictured above: Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden addresses Cornelius Commissioners Monday night – Source: Town of Cornelius

CORNELIUS, NC (WSIC) – Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden says “privilege” is the reason there are questions over a speed ticket operation that targeted Jetton Road in February.

McFadden appeared before Cornelius Commissioners Monday to talk about the operation which resulted in twenty tickets being issued to drivers who were traveling at least eleven miles over the 35 mph speed limit.

“If we wrote tickets somewhere else I would not be standing here,” says McFadden. “Let’s be honest about it. That’s the only reason, because we wrote it on that town road or that state road leading to the houses in this area.”

Jetton dead-ends into lake front communities, including the Peninsula Club.

“It’s about privilege. It’s an African American sheriff making differences in this city and this county. I wasn’t welcomed here. I was brought here so you can ask me questions tonight. But, I’m still not mad. You know why? Because I have to serve each and every one of you.”

Some were upset the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office did not notify the Cornelius Police Department in the days leading up to the operation. The agency’s use of deputies in Cornelius while the NBA All-Star game took place in Charlotte was also questioned. McFadden pledged to have better communication with local departments and said the traffic operation did not impact officers needed in downtown Charlotte.

“Thank you for coming up because we just had these questions and we just can’t get them answered without a conversation,” said Commissioner Kurt Naas.

McFadden went into detail about his work since being sworn-in. He encouraged Commissioners to learn more about his agency and to have concern for all areas of enforcement, not just speeding tickets.