Iredell County Sheriff’s Office targets over 70 on drug charges in ‘Operation Autumn Harvest 2019’



Sheriff Darren Campbell stated: The Iredell County Sheriff’s Office dispatched multiple arrest teams starting in the early morning hours searching for 70 suspects wanted for over 200 drug charges in Operation Autumn Harvest 2019.

These suspects have sold drugs or participated in the sale of illegal drugs, to Iredell County Sheriff’s Office Undercover Narcotics Investigators. Sheriff Campbell said, “These arrests have been made possible by our deputies receiving information from our community members, or through good investigative evidence gathering. Our deputies follow up on every item of intelligence they receive.

By conducting these round-ups we hope to accomplish several goals at the same time. First and foremost we want to spread paranoia among drug sellers who may now think twice about selling their drugs here in Iredell County. Secondly we want to show the community we take your information seriously and we are acting on it, thirdly we continue to actively target, and pursue repeat offenders who sell drugs, and break the law in other ways. By achieving these goals we are able to keep Iredell County safer”.

The offenders in Operation Autumn Harvest 2019 come from all areas of Iredell County, with some being from outside Iredell County. The vast majority of these charges deal with the possession or sale of Heroin, Methamphetamine, Cocaine or Prescription drugs. Most of these repeat offenders have extensive criminal histories with numerous drug crime convictions. Crimes stemming from the sale of illegal drugs have a nexus to other crimes such as burglaries, robberies, car breaking and entering’s and assault.

Sheriff Campbell added, “These are the types of drugs which do the most harm to the individuals who become addicted to them. By removing the drug sellers, it becomes harder to purchase illegal drugs. Make no mistake, I have said it before, and will make it absolutely clear once again. The people we are arresting today, and in the following days sold drugs, period. If anyone has an addiction problem we are here for you, will assist you in getting help. However, Iredell County is not a safe haven to deal drugs. If you sell drugs we will arrest you, maybe not this time but make no mistake we will not stop working illegal drug sales, we will sooner or later find you and arrest you”.

The operation will continue until all of the suspects are arrested. If you know where any of the WANTED suspects can be located, please call the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office at 704-878-3100.

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