Was an investigation of PACT organization politically motivated?


Group logo pictured above courtesy of Police and Community Together, JD Williams- Director Facebook


Was investigation into Iredell’s Police and Community Together organization, or PACT, politically motivated?

As political reports go, it depends who you ask. Here’s the set-up: the SBI has finished an investigation into the group’s non-profit status. District Attorney Sarah Kirkman says co-founder JD Williams said the group was non-profit when actually it wasn’t.

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Kirkman says with insufficient evidence to prove money was misused, there won’t be any charges — at least not legal ones.

Here’s the rest. JD Williams was running for Statesville City Council in 2017 as the situation became known.

Iredell County Register of Deeds Ron, or “Duck”, Wyatt is another PACT co-founder. He accuses the wife of Statesville Police Chief Joe Barone – Dawn Barone – of threatening that investigation on Facebook. He feels the motives were political because Williams was raising police issues in his campaign.

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In a letter to the City Manger obtained in a Freedom of Information Act request, Wyatt says the group feels the Chief’s actions may have been partially influenced by his wife. Dawn Barone declined to appear on camera, but says that’s absolutely not true.

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Statesville Mayor Costi Kutteh says he’s not exactly sure how the state investigation got started.

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Chief Barone referred us to the District Attorney who says the police department did look into the case and came to her before both went to the SBI. She says while those allegations were there, the investigation itself didn’t specifically address them.