Investigation ongoing in Burke County officer-involved shooting



Subsequent to an ongoing drug investigation, the Burke County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics investigators issued a no-knock search warrant for the mobile home at 970 Airport/Rhodhiss Rd, Lot #3, Hickory this morning, 5-22-19. The search warrant was issued with information that the suspect and others had firearms within the mobile home and that some of the occupants, including the suspect, sometimes had handguns on their persons. Subsequent to Burke County SWAT breaching the door into the mobile home and then the bedroom door, the suspect’s female companion was escorted out of the bedroom outside the mobile home. With repeated officers’ demands, the suspect refused to get out of the bed and refused to show officers his hands that were hidden under the covers. SWAT continued to negotiate with the suspect while he was threatening officers that he was going to kill them or make the officers kill him. After numerous threats, the suspect quickly moved his hands beneath the covers and a SWAT officer fired his weapon. Officers immediately began administering first aid and the SWAT medic entered the mobile home to assume medical care. Burke County EMS had been staged close by the scene and arrived quickly. The suspect was airlifted from the airport to a medical center.

The Sheriff requested the SBI to investigate the situation and the SWAT Officer was placed on paid administrative leave pending the results of the investigation. No officers were injured in the situation.

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